10 Reasons Why We Are the Best Woodworking Supply Store

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. has been a fixture in the Los Angeles business community for over a century. The company was established in 1910 by C.W. Bohnhoff, a German immigrant who initially settled with his parents in Saginaw, Michigan. As Los Angeles has grown over the last century, Bohnhoff Lumber company has grown with it. With the population growth, the need for housing and commercial property grew. This population boom increased the demand for lumber. Today, under the leadership of the fifth generation of Bohnhoffs, the company has brought over 100 years of tradition, experience, and success into this century. Today, it stands as a leading specialty supplier of hardwoods, and is now a go-to place for dedicated woodworkers and enthusiasts.

Reasons Why Bohnhoff Lumber Co. Is the Best Woodworking Store in Los Angeles

There are many reasons why Bohnhoff Lumber Co. has been consistently successful. Staying at the forefront of the industry, one example being their recent repaving and equipment acquisition, they have earned their place as one of the best woodworking supply stores in Los Angeles. Although the company is primarily a lumber yard, they are still a go-to spot for woodworking supplies.  Let’s explore the ten reasons why woodworkers prefer Bohnhoff for their woodworking needs.

A Broad Variety of Hardwoods and Softwoods


Hardwoods and Softwoods in Los Angeles

Customers can drive down to the lumber yard at E. 26th Street, Los Angeles, or check out the hardwoods and softwoods page to find the broad range of hardwoods and softwoods available. Most of the popular specialty domestic hardwoods popular among woodworkers, such as maple, hickory, and white oak, are available in stock. Beginning woodworkers can also select from various softwoods, such as pine, for their ease of workability. Best of all, many sought-after exotics, such as genuine mahogany, teak, and padauk slabs, are also available. 

The Lumber Yard Has a Broad Selection of Live Edge Lumber


Live Edge Lumber in Los Angeles CA

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. also has a vast selection of live edge lumber from various domestic and imported exotic species for woodworkers to choose from. The variety and availability of numerous shapes and sizes of live edge boards enable woodworkers to conceive exceptional projects.

A Vast Range of Cuts for Boards


Hardwood and softwood

Woodworkers won't be disappointed to find that many of the varieties of hardwood and softwood species are available in a range of cuts. Specific sizes, such as dimensional lumber, are also available.

Allows Handpicking of Lumber


Handpicking lumber in Los Angeles CA

Handpicking lumber is rare among lumber yards today. However, Bohnhoff Lumber Co. knows that the affinity of a woodworker to a perfect piece requires seeing that piece firsthand. 

Dedicated woodworkers know a perfect piece of wood when they see one. The privilege of providing clients the chance to look for their ideal piece of lumber is an exceptional trait that endears Bohnhoff Lumber Co. to many woodworkers.

All Boards Are Kiln-Dried


woodworkers los angeles

One major pain point among woodworkers, especially those with limited land space, is drying their lumber pieces before using them for woodworking projects. Fortunately, all boards sold at the Bohnhoff lumber yard are kiln-dried. Once woodworkers purchase the boards from the lumber yard, the time spent between acquiring wood and incorporating them into projects is cut down significantly.

Availability of Milling Services


Milling Services Los Angeles

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. knows that not all woodworkers have every tool required to complete their projects. The lumber yard's array of  in-house milling machines are available to process the boards they purchase. The Bohnhoff in-house facility possesses an SCM 24" planer, an SCMI 42" belt sander, SCM 20" jointer, a saw stop table saw, and a 30" Agazzani bandsaw. With these tools, woodworkers will leave with the boards they need ready for their next project. The ability to have the boards cut on-site helps clients bring home extra long boards in their vehicles. The availability of milling services also enables the lumber yard to provide woodworkers with their ideal board size if the exact size they are looking for is not available in the species they would like.

Availability of Curbside Delivery Services

Curbside Delivery Services

 Though many clients opt to take their lumber home in their vehicles, Bohnhoff Lumber Co. has a fleet of trucks that can provide curbside delivery of substantial amounts of lumber to any point in Southern California. Large-scale woodworkers and specialty furniture businesses often avail themselves of this service. 

Availability of Finishes, Glue, and Edge Tapes

Finishes, Glue, and Edge Tapes

 Woodworkers don't have to make a second stop for the glues, finishes, and edge tapes they need after purchasing lumber from Bohnhoff's lumber yard. Products from Walrus Oil, such as Furniture Butter, Cutting Board Oil, Furniture Finish, Wood Wax, and Emmet's Good Stuff Wood Finish, are available to ensure woodworkers have the finishes to bring out the best in their projects. The lumber yard also provides other products, such as end sealers for woodworkers who need to store boards and Titebond Glue for the best joining strength.


Edge tapes

Edge tapes are also a boon for cabinetmakers. Aside from the ready-made edge tapes on sale, Bohnhoff can make some from their wide variety of wood species with colors that match any wood used in cabinetry and furniture making.

A Knowledgeable Sales Team


Sales Team

One thing that woodworkers appreciate when they visit the lumber yard is the vast knowledge of their sales team. The knowledgeable salespeople can help veteran and newbie woodworkers with anything they may need when shopping for lumber. For woodworkers that are just beginning to embrace their hobby, Bohnhoff Lumber Co. is the perfect place to buy wood due to its friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The Staff Provides an Exceptional Wood Buying Experience


Exceptional Wood Buying Experience

Aside from the knowledgeable salespeople, every Bohnhoff employee is extremely helpful to their clients. Everyone on the shop floor will literally move mountains of lumber to help clients find their perfect piece. The friendly staff, availability of boards and milling services, and dedication to the woodworking craft all make for an exceptional wood-buying experience.

For Woodworkers in Los Angeles, Bohnhoff Lumber Co. Is The Perfect Place To Shop


Wood shop in Los Angeles

For woodworkers, hobbyists, and woodworking enthusiasts, Bohnhoff Lumber Co.'s motto, "We Sell a Good Product at a Good Price," is music to the ears. For over a century, the company has abided by these words. Being a true American success story and persisting for as long as they did also means adapting to the current demands of an ever-evolving society. With woodworking making waves because of popular TV shows and the internet, Bohnhoff Lumber Co. has once again been at the forefront of catering to this craft's demand. Southern California woodworkers can visit their lumber yard at 3411 E. 26th St., Los Angeles, CA. You can also call (323) 263-9361 to learn about the availability of wood or to arrange for milling services.