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Are you looking for the perfect wood top or wood slab Los Angeles has available to complete your weekend woodworking project or custom rustic furniture piece? Then Bohnhoff Lumber Co. is your best source of live edge wood slabs and tops in Los Angeles and Southern California. 

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. is proud to carry a vast assortment of domestically-available and exotic hardwood and softwood species for live edge wood slabs and tops in Los Angeles. We have milling services available, so you can pick up your slab or top finished and ready to use. We work closely with you to deliver the perfect piece. 

We have a quick turnover of inventory in our yard. Please inquire with our sales staff on the availability and pricing of the slab or top you need.

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Your special project deserves the perfect piece. There are various hardwood and softwood in both live edge wood slabs and free-form styles available in our inventory in our Los Angeles lumber yard. Let us help you find the exceptional and unique wood slab in Los Angeles that will complete your work.

Because we understand that not everyone has the equipment needed to properly finish slabs, we offer milling services to ensure that you can get the right wood slab to fit your specific need.

You can contact our sales staff to learn more about the availability and pricing of the species on hand.


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Whether you are looking to add a unique touch to your tabletop or give the treads of a special staircase a distinctive feel, we can provide you with hardwood species to achieve the design you have in mind. Each piece is as unique as your requirements. 

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. offers you the best buying experience. We recognize your needs, and offer milling and delivery services so you can bring home the size, shape, and quality of tops you require.  

We want to make your next unique project a reality.  To discuss your project or for a quote, contact our sales staff. We look forward to hearing from you.


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"We sell a good product at a good price." 

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The Bohnhoff motto has always been, "We sell a good product at a good price." We stand by that motto. Our slabs and tops are from the finest trees and sourced from the most reputable sources. Check out the product list on our website to see what we carry or give us a call for current inventory.  We also welcome you to stop by our lumber yard to select your own pieces. We take pride in being one of the last remaining lumber yards to allow customers to “hand select” their own slabs and tops. 

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What is the least expensive live edge slab lumber for sale in your Los Angeles lumber yard? 

Pine slabs are usually the most affordable wood slabs available in our lumber yard. Since these are abundant and sustainable, they are easier to source and are usually available. However, like most wood species, the prices of slabs can fluctuate depending on the season and availability. You may contact our sales team at (323) 263-9361 for the availability and pricing of pine slabs.  

What are the most sought-after slabs of wood for sale in Los Angeles among woodworkers?

Lately, the most sought-after wood slabs in our Los Angeles lumber yard are from domestic hardwood species such as maple and hickory. However, these are comparatively rare species and are not always available in our lumber yard. For redwood slab prices and availability, as well as for other in-demand species, please call our sales team at (323) 263-9361 for availability and price.

What are the thickest slabs Los Angeles has available that you can process through your planing services?

We realize that many Los Angeles woodworkers may not have the equipment to process special types of wood, such as slabs and tops.  That is why we offer milling and planing services. Our SCM 24” Planer can process slabs and tops, as well as regular lumber, as thick as 24”. We also have other milling equipment available such as an SCM 20” Jointer, SCMI 43” Belt Sander, Sawstop Table Saw, and a 30” Agazzani Bandsaw. However, due to varying workloads and depending on the complexity of the request, there will be wait times for more challenging requests.

Do you have products and services available in your lumber yard to bring out the natural beauty of the wood slabs and tops I purchase?

Yes. All wood tops and wood slabs for sale in our Los Angeles Lumber Yard raw pieces. However, we have knowledgeable staff to guide you through selecting the perfect piece from the stock available in our lumber yard. Moreover, we have milling services and wood products such as finishes, seals, and glues available in our lumber yard to provide everything you need to bring out the best from the wood slabs and tops you purchase.

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What are the exotic hardwood species for wood slabs that are available in your Los Angeles lumber yard?

Though some of the following hardwood species have, at some point, been available in our lumber yard, you may need to call our sales team at (323) 263-9361 first to confirm the species and sizes of stock available for you to select from. The hardwood species that are sometimes available in our lumber yard come from padauk, zebrawood, purple heart, redwood, mappa, and Indian rosewood, and others.

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