The Bohnhoff Lumber Co. specializes in supplying the highest quality hardwoods and sells some softwoods species of lumber as well as many plywood types at a good price. We also offer milling services. We are among the last lumber yards that allow our customers to handpick their selected pieces. We are known to have a friendly staff and with salespeople who are knowledgeable on everything lumber. We will literally move tons of wood to get to the piece you want. That is why our clients only have good words for us. Have a look on all the reviews we have received from our clients.

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. Customer Reviews, The Best Lumber Yard and Wood Products Supplier in Los Angeles

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Janice Lee

Gotta love this place. Everyone working there are super nice and helpful from start to finish. Answered every question, super down to earth. Can't say better things about this place. 6 out of 5 stars!!!


Joshua Jackson

Great place for anything lumber related with a very helpful staff.


Joshua Jackson

As a local furniture maker, I have been going to Bohnhoff for 10+ years and can't say enough good things about this place. The pricing is certainly competitive or better than most of the lumber yards in Los Angeles. In addition, the quality of the lumber is off the charts. They typically have wide stock in most common wood species and offer different grades from #1 common to FAS to premium. I almost always have multiple options to choose from. They also allow you to hand select the lumber, which allows me to really take my time to choose through the boards that work best for each project. And, finally, the crew outside and inside are great to work with and always attentive and on top of the operations. Thanks to Mike and the rest of the crew!


Alfredo Aispuro

Excellent customer service employees were nice


Derek Klaas 

Best Lumber yard in town. I love that it's been around for so long. I come from a family hardware store that's been around since the 50's so I really appreciate businesses such as this. The prices are great and the quality of wood is great. They always have the sizes I need (10/4, 5/4, etc) and they have it rough. The service is superior just like the grade of walnut I buy from them.


Steve Felty  

Incredible selection! As a guest time customer I got the impression they typically deal with larger customers, but I interacted with 5 people and every person went out of their way to greet me and make sure I found what I needed, each made me feel welcome. To my delight, they even have a special area for their 'smalls' which are either short pieces or less than perfect ALL at discounted prices. The yard guys amazingly seem to know where to find anything, after you walk their huge yard you will better understand why that is so amazing. I'll definitely be back.

I should point out they sell by the board foot, so if your not familiar with true hardwood lumberyards then I recommend you take a few minutes to learn before your visit.
August 2021

Zelda F. William

Bohnhoff Lumber is a great place to purchase wood. The prices are reasonable and affordable and there is a good selection in many sizes across hard and soft woods. This is the place for woodworkers who do woodworking. They don't have a huge selection of exotics, but they have some
This is a lumber yard, where you can find lumber.


Thomas Witledge

Great selection of hardwood in various thicknesses. Customer service is AMAZING. They are super helpful in moving around wood so you can hand pick the board you want. Prices are competitive as well.They've been around for over 100 years and I hope they stick around for 100 more! 


Xer Gata 

Great customer service and prices-- everyone on the floor is super helpful with moving around palettes so you can pick out that piece of raw lumber you are looking for.They'll do some rough cuts to get it to fit in your truck at no added cost and precision cuts are not insanely expensive.Been about a year and we haven't had any desire to shop elsewhere for our general lumber.
A GREAT place to buy high quality wood. The staff are fantastic helpful and polite! Great prices too! Been shopping here for over 6 years now. No other place like! 


Viktor Skorikov

Probably the cheapest hardwood supplier in LA. Also they deal with small buyers, and will move a ton of wood so that you can find that one right piece. Also Happy.






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“We sell a good product at a good price.”

The motto of the Bohnhoff crew has always been, "We sell a good product at a good price." Our lumber and other wood products are from the finest trees sourced out from reputable sources. We are a specialty hardwood yard that also deals in various softwood and some plywood. Whether you are a DIYer, an accomplished woodworker, a hardware supply, or a builder, we will always go out of our way so you can get the piece you want.