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Five generations of Bohnhoffs have been in the family business that began in 1910, at the corner of 15th and Alameda, by C.W. Bohnhoff. He immigrated from Germany with his parents at the age of two. They settled in the lumbering capitol of the United States at the time, Saginaw, Michigan.

In 1910 Bohnhoff opened in surely LA's most glorious time to be in the lumber business, 1910-1930. A time in which the population grew from 320,000 people to 1,240,000 and C.W. Bohnhoff became one of the most successful lumbermen in Los Angeles history.

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Tragedy struck in July of 1964 when third generation "Charlie" Bohnhoff was awakened by an LA Times photographer to the news of the lumber yard being on fire. "When I stepped out the front door, I could see the red glow" said Charlie of the blaze raging 23 miles away. True grit prevailed and Bohnhoff Lumber was back in business with a new and current location on 26th street in Vernon just 5 days later.

Today Bohnhoff Lumber's day to day operations are run by the late Alan Bohnhoff's two children, Michael Bohnhoff and Christa Ellis. The sixth generation is Michael's daughter Whitney Alan Bohnhoff, son Charles Trevor Bohnhoff and Christa's sons Robert L. Ellis IV and Jacob Alan Ellis.

"We sell a quality product at a good price." is the motto of the Bohnhoff crew. On any given day you will find company trucks coming and going loaded with lumber, forklifts performing a balancing act with stacks of lumber and good conversation. Bohnhoff is known for its friendly staff and knowledgeable sales people.  

Bohnhoff Lumber Co., a true American success story being carried on for another generation to serve the continuing story and evolution of the people of Los Angeles.