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Iroko, Ipe, Padauk, and Other Exotic Woods in Los Angeles That Are Worth a Second Look

Dedicated woodworkers, artisans, and cabinetmakers are always looking for the ideal pieces of wood. Though domestic wood species, such as white oak, red oak, hard maple, and walnut, are excellent in their own right, woodworkers looking for a more unique piece will look for other options. These alternatives are available to woodworkers and artisans as exotics. The most popular exotics are teak, mahogany, and, for something closer to home, Tennessee cedar. However, choices are limited to what certain lumberyards can provide. Fortunately, Bohnhoff Lumber Co. offers a vast range of options in our lumber yard. Though we encounter challenges in sourcing these incredible species of exotics, we share in the love of fine woodworking by making the extra effort to...

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The Advantages of Using White Oak for Your Furniture in Southern California

Three words describe white oak: big, bold, and beautiful. Throughout the centuries, white oak has been a reliable hardwood for making objects ranging from small trinkets to clipper ships. White oak is endemic to North America and grows widely on the East Coast of the United States from Maine to Florida. It is no wonder that white oak has been identified closely with our country’s history and heritage. White oak will always be available in our Los Angeles lumber yard if you are looking for a tough, affordable, and beautiful hardwood in Southern California. Introducing White Oak, Including Flat, Rift, and Quarter Cuts  The heartwood of white oak is light to medium brown, typically with an olive cast. Its softwood...

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The Seven Best Hardwoods for Outdoor Use

Natural wood is an excellent choice for adding warmth, texture, and beauty to your exteriors and garden. Hardwoods are generally superior materials for outdoor use. Typical outdoor hardwood applications are garden furniture, flower beds, trellises, fenceposts, house siding, and decking. The hardwood is subjected to insects, moisture, fungi, and direct sunlight in each of these applications. Timber typically requires chemical treatment to prevent decay. However, not all hardwoods have natural rot resistance that can survive the elements without chemical treatment. To ensure your choice of hardwoods can survive these conditions, especially with ground contact, select a hardwood known for having superior decay resistance.  Factors You Need To Consider When Selecting Hardwoods for Your Outdoor Project Whether you are a DIY...

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Lumber Price Trends in 2022 Make Woodworking More Affordable

For a period between March 2020 to the middle of 2021, the prices of lumber spiked considerably. This was especially true between October 2020 and April 2021 when lumber reached its peak at $1500.50 per thousand board feet. During that time, the sharp increase in prices was driven by several factors: Increase in demand for single-dwelling units Increase in need for home improvements, especially during the pandemic Supply chain disruptions. Tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber Note the volatility of lumber prices per thousand board feet in the chart below: Since the start of 2021, the price of lumber has been volatile. There are many economic factors sending lumber prices up or down throughout the year, resulting in the most unpredictable...

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Pros and Cons of Milling Your Own Lumber in Los Angeles

For dedicated woodworkers, deciding whether to mill your own lumber at home has to do with more than cost. While the cost of milling equipment alone can run to thousands of dollars, milling your lumber is often also a frustrating process. Even seasoned woodworkers make mistakes, and the costs to re-purchase lumber when there is a mistake can add up. Not to mention the cost of the time you spend doing tasks that you could easily relegate to milling services available in your lumber yard or from independent wood millers. However, there is rarely anything more personally rewarding than completing your woodworking project yourself from start to finish, including milling each piece yourself. In some cases, you can also make...

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