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6 Reasons Why Baltic Birch Plywood Is an Excellent Choice for Carpentry

  Many woodworkers and professionals widely prefer Baltic birch plywood for carpentry and cabinetry. Unlike most plywood varieties on the market, Baltic birch plywood does not contain any filler or softwood plies in the middle. Moreover, the density of plies used per unit length is higher, bonded in layers of 1mm thickness with a strong glue, making Baltic birch plywood durable and very strong. Because of the consistency of its layers and lack of voids, the strength, and uniformity of Baltic birch make it very easy to work with compared to most plywood varieties. The appearance of the wood itself is sharp with a light color and very few flaws, making it an attractive material for cabinets for its visual...

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Hardwood vs. Softwood: Which Wood is Best for Which Uses

Whether you are a large-scale furniture manufacturer from Pasadena, a home building contractor in Alameda, or a DIY woodworker from Burbank, Torrance, or Long Beach, your choice of wood is essential to making the most out of your work. With the right choice of wood, you can achieve the look, feel, longevity, and durability requirements of each particular project. However, you also need to consider the cost of the wood you select. When considering price in Southern California, you may ask yourself if using a pricey hardwood is worth it for a part of your project that will not show.  Or is it worth it to increase the strength and durability even if it comes with a heftier price tag? ...

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Five Ideas for Incorporating Wood Into Your Living Room Decor

The living room is usually the biggest room in our home, and the place where we spend a lot of our time. It is where we relax, spend quality time with family, and entertain guests. To most people who visit you, it will be the most memorable place in your home. As the showpiece of your house, it pays to make your living room pleasant and memorable for everyone who uses it. Incorporating wood into your living room gives your living space a warmer and cozier feel. The beauty of wood provides the character that breaks up the monotony of bare walls. Liberal use of wood wall panels and furniture can give a living room a classic look. However, you...

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The Six Best Domestic Woods for Flooring Material

The six domestic species of wood discussed in this article are sought-after materials for flooring because of their timeless beauty and durability. With proper care, they can look good for ages. Domestic wood species provide exceptional value to builders, woodworkers, and homeowners because of their workability, availability, and affordability. Moreover, these woods have a warmer and more understated look that can fit most interior decorating styles. Whether you seek natural and rustic look for your flooring, or desire a neutral finish that can fit the contemporary interior design elements of your home, then these are the best domestic wood species for you. Red Oak Red oak is one of the most widely-used flooring materials in the United States. Its handsome...

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The Four Best Hardwoods For Decking and Outdoor Finishes

The four hardwood species featured in this article are becoming a popular primary material for decking or platforms around swimming pools whether in Alameda, Burbank, Downey, Glendale, or anywhere in Los Angeles. These hardwood species are also better suited for outdoor furniture than other wood or lumber products because of their workability, toughness, resistance to rot and decay, and being naturally termite-resistant. They are all water-resistant and present a Class A fire rating, making them optimal outdoor building materials for Southern California. Because they are perfect for outdoor use, these hardwoods can also be ideal house siding materials, with advantages far outweighing composites. Best of all, these hardwoods are proven to last for decades without the need for restaining.  ...

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