Hardwood Flooring Lumber in Los Angeles

Hardwood Flooring Lumber Los Angeles

Your Source for the Best Hardwood Lumber for Flooring in Los Angeles

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. prides itself on its motto, “We sell a good product at a good price.” For lumber, wood, and wood products, such as hardwood flooring lumber material, rest assured that we have the widest selection of boards to make the best flooring for your home in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Domestic Hardwood Lumber for Flooring

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. offers domestic hardwoods all year long. Along with our reasonable prices, you can also handpick your lumber to match your interior design options. 

Red Oak Hardwood Lumber

Red Oak Hardwood Lumber Los Angeles CA

Red oak is one of the most popular hardwood choices in America today. Aside from its beautiful appearance, red oak also has several qualities that make it an excellent flooring material for homes. Red oak is comparatively affordable among hardwoods and is available all year long. Red oak offers easy workability and is stain-friendly. 

Hard Maple Hardwood Lumber

Hard Maple Hardwood Lumber

Hard maple is desired by designers and homeowners for its clean and creamy color that matches modern interior design ideas. Hard maple is harder than both oak species and has excellent dent resistance. Hard maple also finds uses as basketball or bowling alley hardwood floors. 

White Oak Hardwood Flooring Lumber

White Oak Hardwood Flooring Lumber

Handsome, tough, and long-lasting, white oak is a mainstay in many American homes as a flooring material. Relatively affordable and available, white oak is also popular because of being water resistant. Its ease of stainability also provides an environmentally friendly way to bring character to your interiors.

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Lumber

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Lumber

Hickory, also known as pecan, is the hardest domestic hardwood option for flooring on the market. Hickory has a distinct character that suits rustic-colored interiors. Its hardness and toughness make it an excellent hardwood flooring option for busier rooms, such as laundry rooms.

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Lumber

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Lumber

American black walnut is one of the most beautiful North American hardwood species on the market. Its deep color, which resembles exotics, makes it the ideal flooring for traditional homes. Walnut has excellent workability and superior durability and resistance to decay. 

Exotic Hardwood for Flooring

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. sources a wide variety of exotic hardwood lumber for flooring. These beautiful exotics are highly sought-after because of their toughness, durability, insect resistance, and exceptional character.

Genuine Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

Genuine Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

Mahogany is extremely stable, insect-resistant, and long-lasting. Its unique appearance produces chatoyancy, a characteristic that creates a 3D effect. Genuine mahogany is relatively easy for an exotic hardwood with its toughness. 

Teak Hardwood Flooring

Teak Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles

Its hardness and wear resistance makes teak a highly-demanded exotic hardwood for flooring. Its golden yellow heartwood turns deep brown once exposed, giving it a distinctive appearance that is a hallmark of premium floors. Teak, aside from being beautiful, is durable and resistant to termites.

Red Balau Hardwood Floor Lumber

Red Balau Hardwood Floor Lumber Los Angeles

Red Balau is a relatively affordable and widely available exotic wood. Its dark brown and reddish brown colors make it a beautiful flooring option. Red balau is tough and rot-resistant. It also has excellent dent and scratch resistance.

Ipe Hardwood Flooring Lumber

Ipe is a reliable all-rounder, making it an excellent indoor or outdoor flooring material. Its density and hardness provide it with top-notch dent and scratch resistance. Its superior weather resistance makes it a superb decking wood. But its lustrous rich brown color with a greenish tinge makes for gorgeous hardwood floors.

Other Flooring Lumber Options

Bohnhoff Lumber Co. has been a reliable source of excellent flooring lumber for over a century. We also have various species of exotic and domestic wood available that can be used as flooring material, such as vertical douglas fir, cypress, afrormosia, Spanish cedar, and more!

For residents and businesses in Los Angeles, and surrounding cities, such as AlamedaMonterey Park, Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Glendale, Burbank, Torrance, Downey, and the rest of Southern California, you can rely on Bohnhoff Lumber Co. to provide you with the best options for flooring lumber any day of the year.