At Bohnhoff Lumber we pride ourselves in giving you the best wood-buying experience possible. We understand that not all of our customers are production shops or fine woodworkers. Whether you are a DIYer, a vastly experienced woodworker, a builder, or a manufacturer of wood products, we will always be glad to serve you. We understand that some of our customers may not have the tools to get their lumber ready for their needs. That is why our lumber yard also offers milling services. We know lumber and are eager to answer any questions you may have about how to best select and use our products for your project. 

For over a century, our Los Angeles-based family-owned business has built a great reputation for having knowledgeable and friendly staff.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future

Milling Services -Bohnhoff Lumber

The Bohnhoff in-house mill facility includes an SCM 24" Planer, SCM 20" Jointer, SCMI 43" Belt Sander, Sawstop Table Saw, and a 30" Agazzani Bandsaw.

These tools are ready to turn out the pieces you require for your next project.

NOTE:  Due to varying workloads and difficulty of requests, wait times may range from while you wait to “please return when your order is ready. We appreciate your patience.

Please Contact Us for additional information and rates for our services. 

“We sell a good product at a good price.”

The Bohnhoff motto has always been, "We sell a good product at a good price." We stand by that motto. Our lumber and other wood products are sourced from the most reputable and trusted sources.  We welcome you to stop by our lumber yard to select your own plywood and wood supplies. We take pride in being one of the last remaining lumber yards to allow customers to “hand select” their own lumber.


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I am an amateur woodworker in Pasadena who wants to start my first DIY furniture project. Can you help me find the best cut possible for lumber?

Yes. At Bohnhoff Lumber Co., we are committed to providing amateur woodworkers like you with the best buying experience a lumber yard can provide. We have been renowned for decades for our excellent customer service. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the best wood for your woodworking projects. If you are looking for lumber milling services in Pasadena, look no further. We have a variety of milling machines available in our lumber yard because we know that some woodworkers won't have the suitable tools they need to get the perfect cut of wood to start their woodworking projects.

If I bring a small car to your Los Angeles lumber yard, can your custom wood milling services in Los Angeles help me cut smaller sizes of lumber to fit my car?

Yes. At Bohnhoff Lumber Co., we are always conscious of the needs of our clients. We know that most of you drive to our lumber yard to buy the specific piece you need for your woodworking projects. There will be instances when we may not have the shorter cuts that you require to fit your car. Don't worry! We have a Los Angeles milling services that give customers the exact size they need. 

Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance. We may find ways to help you right at the time of your visit! However, please know that the average turn-around time is 3 to 7 days depending on the size and complexity of your order. 

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If I want 2X6 lumber, walnut 8/4, or 5/4 lumber, where in Los Angeles can I find the best custom wood milling services near me? 

If you are in Los Angeles and looking for an industrial wood planer service near me, rarely can you find a lumber yard in Los Angeles with enough milling machines for your needs. That makes us one of the best places to get lumber in Los Angeles. The location of Bohnhoff Lumber Co. makes us easily accessible to most people in the City of Los Angeles. We are near Interstate 5, making us accessible to places like Orange County and Pasadena as well. Moreover, we may have 2x6 lumber, 5/4 oak boards, walnut 8/4, and many other popular lumber sizes available. If we don't have them, we will mill them for you. 

If I am in Los Angeles, where can I find the best wood planing services near me? 

If you are in Los Angeles, and looking for a wood planing service near me, we have an SCM 24" Planer in our lumber yard. This machine is among the most popular machines in our lumber yard because it is highly reliable and can provide you with uniform wood thickness for your woodworking project. 

 What is the maximum size of lumber you can process with your sanding services in Los Angeles?

 Our SCMI 43" Belt Sander can sand at a maximum thickness of 43 inches. The thickness capacity of our sander can cover most thickness needs, especially if you need a substantial quantity of lumber at uniform thickness measurements that will be ready for your project. 

If I am in Los Angeles, is there a faster way for a wood planer near me, or a lumber mill near me, to process the wood I need

Yes. At Bohnhoff Lumber Co., the fastest way to have your wood processed is through our wood milling machine rental. For the fastest turnaround, give our sales team a call ahead of time.Please refer to our contact us page for details on how to rent a wood milling machine for the lumber you purchase. 

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