Our Customer's Wood Work


Whether you are a DIY woodworker, a seasoned furniture maker, a home builder, or a hardware supplier, we are proud to serve you and supply the best quality lumber, such as hardwood and other wood products. To show our appreciation for their patronage and their craftsmanship, we are showcasing our customer’s work on this page. 

High Vibe Collective



The Texas Disco table crafted by High Vibe Collective is made with various species of hardwoods such as wenge, walnut, white oak, and maple with splashes of purple heart, canary, white limba, and padauk. Bohnhoff Lumber Co. is proud to have supplied some of the hardwoods that created the mesmerizing patterns for this unique and truly awesome table. 

About High Vibe Collective:

The company is run by a husband-and-wife team based in Southern California. Founded in 2019, they specialize in custom-made furniture and home decor, highlighting hardwoods' natural colors, tones, and beauty. Their eclectic and elevated style is unique. Bohnhoff Lumber Co. is truly proud to have them as our client.




Sunnys Wood Works



This beautiful 9-foot book-matched table made by Sunnys Wood Works is crafted with two matched pieces of walnut slabs supplied by Bohnhoff Lumber Co. The beauty and high quality of the walnut are complemented by a wonderful strip of purple heart running down the middle of the table. 

About Sunnys Wood Works 

They are a Los Angeles-based woodworking company. Specialty tables, benches, sliding doors, and other specialty woodworking projects are among their creations.

 Nathan Stefanelli Design Build



This breakfast nook banquette was built with beautiful rift white oak from Bohnhoff Lumber Co. 

About Nathan Stefanelli Design Build

Nathan Stefanelli founded this now Los Angeles-based woodworking company in Massachusetts. He continues his work out of LA Woodshop, a woodworking collective where Nathan is a co-owner and teacher. His designs are inspired by Japanese architecture, mid-century modern furniture, and the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Brick & Bridge



This eclectic box that houses a modern TV provides a retro feel that blends the TV into most contemporary interiors. This fun and quirky take on incorporating a TV into the home inspire the creativity of the woodworkers and interior designers who see it. Bohnhoff Lumber Co. supplied the white oak for the legs and body of this beautiful piece.

About Brick & Bridge 

Brick & Bridge is a Los Angeles woodworking company specializing in tables, furniture, and accent pieces with an eclectic and unique touch. They supply to both commercial and residential clients.

Underground Woodworks


This project, named "RBClone," is made with high-quality walnut plywood and boards supplied by Bohnhoff Lumber Co. Note the knots and patterns on the walnut, that give this piece its distinctive look! 

About Underground Woodworks

They are a Los Angeles-based woodworking company specializing in unique wooden accent pieces, tables, and furniture.


For over a century, Bohnhoff Lumber Co. has served the vibrant community of Los Angeles with its lumber needs. We are a specialty hardwood and softwood supplier proud of our tradition of providing excellent customer service. We are one of the few lumber yards that permit "hand-selecting" the perfect piece to suit your needs. The work shown on this page is a tribute to how our clients make naturally beautiful wood pieces into creative and unique home furnishings and decor. 

Would you like the opportunity to inspire others by showing the world your creativity through woodworking, furniture making, carpentry, interior design, or however else you use our wood products? Please contact us to share your work and it may be featured on this page or on our social media channels! 

“We sell a good product at a good price.”

The Bohnhoff motto has always been, "We sell a good product at a good price." We stand by that motto. Our lumber is sourced from the most reputable and trusted sources. We take pride in helping each of our customers find their desired piece. We welcome you to stop by our lumber yard to select your own lumber and wood supplies. We go out of our way to help you make outstanding pieces like the ones shown here.