Hardwood, Lumber, Veneer, Plywood & Woodworking Supplies in Glendale

If you are looking to complete your woodworking project in Glendale, a builder in Glendale, or a manufacturer of wooden products in Glendale, then Bohnhoff is your first choice of the lumber yard. We supply a vast range of lumber, plywood, veneer, and woodworking supplies that can cater to most of your needs in Glendale. 

The best supplier of Hardwood, Plywood, Veneer, and Woodworking Supplies in Glendale.

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Why will I choose Bohnhoff as my choice of a lumber yard in Glendale?

We have a deep knowledge of lumber.

Whether you are a DIYer or a large-scale manufacturer of wooden products in Glendale, you will need a knowledgeable lumber yard to guide you through which type of lumber or other wood products will fit your specific needs. Our friendly staff knows lumber very well, and they can help you get the best possible lumber for your particular needs.

We have a vast range of selection of lumber.

The best thing about Bohnhoff Lumber Co. is our vast selection of lumber and wood products. You don’t need to go farther than the Bohnhoff lumber yard to search for the specific lumber you need. We are one of the last few remaining lumber yards to let you hand-pick your lumber. If you don’t find anything on our list that you need, you can contact us for your specific request. We may just find a way to get you that lumber you need in Glendale.

We offer milling services to suit your needs.

We know that not all of our customers are established woodworkers in Glendale. We can help you cut lumber and wood products to the specific size you require. We have the right milling equipment and experienced milling operators that can help you. 

We offer high-quality lumber. 

One of the biggest reasons our customers in Glendale keep coming back to us is the quality of lumber and wood products we have in our lumber yard. Whether it is a slab from an exotic species or veneer for large-scale cabinet production, we have the highest quality lumber, and wood products you need in Glendale.

We have over a century of experience.

Bohnhoff has been around since 1910. Since then, we have grown and are a staple for lumber in the Los Angeles area and in Glendale. We have pretty substantial patronage built up for generations. 

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We can provide curbside delivery to Glendale, and to any point within Southern California

Whether you are in Glendale or at any point within Southern California, we can give curbside delivery for you. We have a fleet of vehicles to ensure that our high-quality timber and wood products reach our customers quickly. 

We are always ready to provide your lumber and woodworking needs in Glendale.

If you have any questions about our products, availability, and sizes, please feel free to call us at (323) 263-9361. Or you can contact us.

We at Bohnhoff Lumber Co. always keep to our motto:

“We sell good product at a good price.” 

Disclaimer: We want to remind our clients that we service these cities through our Los Angeles lumber yard. For any questions, please contact us at (323) 263-9361

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Lumber store reviews

Derek Klaas

Best Lumber yard in town. I love that it's been around for so long. I come from a family hardware store that's been around since the 50's so I really appreciate businesses such as this. The prices are great and the quality of wood is great. They always have the sizes I need (10/4, 5/4, etc) and they have it rough. The service is superior just like the grade of walnut I buy from them.