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At Bohnhoff Lumber we pride ourselves in giving you the best wood buying experience possible. We understand that not all of our customers are production shops or fine wood workers with the necessary equipment to transform rough woods into beautiful finished wood.

Our onsite milling facilities, which includes multiple planers, tables saws, jointer, and soon-to-be running (in the near future) 50+” double-headed sander - can handle almost any job.

If our mill can’t meet your desired specifications, we have the outside resources to handle bigger and more specialized orders.

Please contact our sales desk for additional information and rates.

NOTE: Due to varying workloads, wait times may range from ‘while you wait’ or we may ask you to return when your order is ready. Difficulty of the order may also dictate lead times.

A cut list is very helpful in the milling process. Please have as much information ready when placing the order.

Please Contact Us for additional information and rates for our services.