12" x 12" Douglas Fir Timber Beams Blocks- S4S or Rough Band Saw Cut

12" x 12" Douglas Fir Timber Beams Blocks- S4S or Rough Band Saw Cut

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12" x 12" #1 & Btr Douglas Fir Beams available in pre-cut lengths or full length beams.

Available Lengths. 24" to 240" - Contact us for available lengths 213-608-6579

Our 12" x 12" Free of Heart Center Douglas Fir Beams are used in a wide range of applications:  Equipment moving companies and heavy machinery repair shops use them as blocks, builders and designers use them as appearance architectural beams, landscape designer will use them for a variety off out door applications from creating seating and furniture, carvings, garden ties and seating, benches and stools .  

Our 12" x 12" #1 & Better Douglas Fir lumber is green otherwise it is wet and has been partially air drying.  This lumber is primarily recommended for outdoor applications and appearance.  This means that over time as they continue to air dry they will check or crack which is normal for wood to do.  We select the (FOHC) Free of Heart Center pieces for this specifically because they are prone to check or crack less.  Free of heart center pieces are more expensive because they are cut out of large trees.  Free of heart center are less likely the check and crack because it does not have the heart center to crack around as it dries and releases tension.  

#1 & Better Grade Douglas Fir has excellent appearance qualities for large timbe pieces  The knots are equally spaced and they are not loose rather sound.  #1 & Better Douglas Fir also has excellent strength qualities, making it a desirable choice for heavy construction and wide range of applications.