Apitong Shiplap Trailer Decking 1-5/16 X 7" Face - 8' TO 22' + FT. LENGTH

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Our Apitong shiplap trailer decking is ideal for new, repairing or replacing flatbed truck or trailer decks. At 1-5/16"x7" per piece, it meets the requirements of the most demanding applications. Available in random lengths from 8-22 feet, it provides durable support for any heavy-duty transportation. 

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All the images of Apitong Trailer Decking and Trucking lumber are images from our yard in Los Angeles CA.  We have thousands of feet of new trailer decking and trucking lumber in stock.  Our inventory experiences constant turnover keeping our stock of Apitong fresh.  

We offer local delivery in the greater Los Angels Area and can arrange delivery with competitive rates for longer range orders.  Whether you are in Southern or Central California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, or New Mexico, our competitive rates combined with our high quality inventory will make the most sense for your trailer decking needs.

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Why Genuine Apitong

Genuine Apitong or Keruing from Southeast Asia is stronger than Angelim Pedra (aka Brazilian Apitong) and Oak.  It's naturally resistant to rot, decay and termites.  It's grain pattern and density makes it any ideal wood for trailer decking due to it's strength and resistance to crushing from heavy machinery.  These characteristics also make it the best choice economically.  Genuine Apitong Keruing trailer decking and trucking lumber is the smartest choice and best investment dollar per foot.