Heavy Duty Apitong Trailer Decking 2 x 12 Rough

Heavy Duty Apitong Trailer Decking 2 x 12 Rough

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Our Heavy Duty Genuine Apitong Trailer Decking is ideal for construction, industrial and military use, providing superior strength and durability. It is designed to carry heavy machinery, making it a perfect choice for lowboy, dropdeck and flatbed trailer applications. Rely on its superior strength to make your job easier, save you time and money.  Choose our Genuine Apitong Trailer Decking for the most superior quality in trailer decking.   All images of trailer decking are of our actual inventory.  We get deliveries of new stock monthly and carry the freshest and cleanest inventory of trailer decking on the west coast.  All our truck and trail lumber is Genuine Apitong from South East Asia, not Angelim Pedra (a.k.a. Brazilian Apitong) 

Sizes:  We currently have 2 x 12 Rough Sawn Heavy Duty Apitong Trail Decking in the following lengths.  All lengths are in the feet.  

10', 12', 15', 16', 18', 19', 20' 21' 22', 23'24'

Ordering: To order choose a length then quantity and add it to your cart.   You can choose multiple lengths with one order.

Shipping and Pick-Up Options:
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Bohnhoff Delivery - Los Angeles delivery rates start at $85, custom rates available upon request for further distance.
LTL Services:  We will find the most competitive rate for you.   

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