Why Bohnhoff Offers the Best Milling Choice for Torrance Lumber Buyers

Our milling services are one of the best ways we provide an exceptional wood-buying experience. Bohnhoff Lumber Co. has been serving Los Angeles woodworkers, especially those in Torrance, for over a century. Through many decades, our business has preserved most of what woodworkers, furniture makers, contractors, and manufacturers love about our company. 

However, in response to the evolving needs of our clients, we have added additional services.  Today, we are proud to provide our customers with the best lumber milling services in the city. At Bohnhoff Lumber Co., not only do we have a lumber yard that offers a vast selection of hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, and live edge slabs for your woodworking projects, but we also strive to ensure that you take home THAT perfect board for your project.

Lumber buyers in Torrance, as well as those throughout Southern California, have a limited amount of space and may not be able to accommodate large milling equipment. Though milling your own lumber can be a fun part of woodworking, many of our woodworkers prefer to save time by milling their boards before taking them home. 

Why do they have their boards milled in our lumber yard? Here are just a few reasons why Bohnhoff Lumber Co. offers the best milling options for Torrance lumber buyers and woodworkers in nearby cities.

Reasons Why We Offer the Best Milling Options in Los Angeles 

Best Milling Options in Los Angeles

The first things you would see during your short visit to our lumber yard are busy workers loading, moving, and unloading lumber, with several customers looking for their perfect board. At the heart of the lumber yard is our lumber milling area. Here, you will see dedicated workers loading boards into the large machines that woodworkers dream of. Happy customers are at the end of the line, ready to take home their perfect boards. The queues are pretty long, and for good reason. Repeat customers know why milling your lumber at our yard brings more value to the boards you take home. Here are the reasons:

We Have the Best Machines in the Business

     Best Milling Options in Los Angeles

    The Bohnhoff in-house facility has several machines that cater to most of the needs of woodworkers:

    • SCM 24" Planer

    This machine is renowned among woodworkers and hobbyists alike for its precision and accuracy when it comes to planing tasks. Its robust construction and well-designed components ensure a consistent cut and perfectly flat surfaces. These machines are also very robust and rarely experience downtimes. Best of all, these planers are very efficient, especially when processing pieces in bulk.

    • SCM 20" Jointer

    We have this high-quality jointer to serve you for your furniture projects. This machine is known for its accuracy and precision when creating perfectly straight edges.  It is also excellent for flattening rough lumber and is very tough, especially when dealing with tough wood species like mahogany and sapele. 

    • SCMI 43" Belt Sander

    This belt sander is a high-quality woodworking tool known among dedicated woodworkers because of its ability to take on the most demanding sanding jobs. Understandably, we sell exotic hardwoods that are challenging to sand, which is why we only use the best belt sander. This belt sander has everything we need from a sander, such as precision, accuracy, and the ability to take on the most challenging tasks.

    • Sawstop Table Saw

    For clients who want to take home boards in vehicles that won't be able to fit uncut boards, we have a SawStop table saw ready.

    • 30" Agazzani Bandsaw

    This bandsaw is a high-quality, precision-made machine with excellent cutting performance that is perfect for getting boards ready for your woodworking project. Moreover, its large capacity enables us to take on the demand of making custom sizes for many of our clients.

    Our Milling Services Can Take On Specialized Tasks

      Milling Services

      Another reason that woodworkers seek out our milling services are the specialized tasks we can provide them. In the hands of our experienced and expert millworkers, our machines are capable of edge joining, thicknessing, laminating table tops, making stair treads, and customizing risers. These tasks are just a few things we can do in our mill. Working with live edge slabs presents unique challenges among the many tasks required of our milling services. 

      It is Just a Few Minutes Drive from Torrance

        Best Milling Options for Torrance Lumber Buyers

        Bohnhoff's current location is right in the middle of Los Angeles, just a short drive from Torrance. Moreover, we are just a few minutes from the interchange in Boyle Heights, where Interstate 5 and 10 intersect. Our excellent location also makes us easily accessible to woodworkers from the rest of the City of Los Angeles, and nearby cities and communities, such as Alameda, Monterey Park, Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Glendale, Burbank, and Downey.

        We Have the Best Mill Manager and Mill Workers


          Even top-of-the-line machines can only do as much for those who use them. With the best available and the most experienced mill workers staffing our milling services, we ensure we can provide you with the quality milling that only dedicated woodworkers can execute. 

          Heading our team is Terry Sutherland, our mill manager who has been with us for 22 years. His experience includes making museum-quality furniture for renowned institutions, such as New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He heads a respected staff of seasoned and friendly technicians who have built close relationships with clients, including the LA SCI-Arc, a world-renowned architecture school, and a long-time Bohnhoff client.



          At the event held in L.A.’s prestigious SCI-Arc library: (l-r) Terry Sutherland, our mill manager, Coy Howard, designer/architect at SCI-Arc, Walter Trevino, Bohnhoff sales manager, and Mark Morones, Millman.

          For the Best Lumber Buying Experience, Try Our Milling Services

          If you are a woodworker from Torrance looking for the perfect lumber board for your project and have limited space or machines to craft your ideal piece, look no further! Bohnhoff Lumber Co. offers the best combination of milling services, excellent mill workers, and a vast selection of boards just a short drive away. Bohnhoff Lumber Co. ticks all the right boxes for the perfect lumber yard, and many of our clients and visitors relish the exceptional buying experience that only our lumber yard can provide. To learn more about our milling services, call us at (323) 263-9361 or visit our milling services page. To avail of our excellent services and the vast selection of superior lumber and wood products, visit our yard. We are always ready to help you find and take THAT perfect board.